Wednesday, 10 June 2009

GD3 ISTD 78rpm/mp3 - Daftpunk rubix cube font & Sigur ros icelandic phonetics conceptual packaging

ISTD – 78rpm/mp3

The aim of this project is to typographically express lyrics from two songs, Daft Punk – ‘Technologic’ and Sigur rós – ‘Von’. Both of these tracks use lyrics in an unconventional way, Technologic using the lyrics to create the sound and the beat of the track by digitally altering the lyrics, cutting and pasting the words together to form new sounds, and Von is a song sang completely in ‘Vonlenska’, a non-literal language, without fixed syntax, grammar, word meaning, and even distinct words. Instead, Vonlenska consists of emotive syllables and phonemes.

These two pieces explore the melodic and rhythmic elements of singing and lyrics without the conceptual content of language. The Daft Punk piece doing this through fracturing type with a modular bespoke typeface and interactive ‘type cubes’, and the Sigur rós piece exploring typographical forms of Icelandic Phonetics.

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