Wednesday, 10 June 2009


My most recent commission was promotions for a play put on by the new theatre Nottingham. The play is an Italian play put on but a Russian theatre group. The Typography and colour scheme represent the Russian group, giving them an identity that can be applied to other productions.

The play explores the fine line between fiction and reality. It caused outrage when first performed in 1921 and is now celebrated as one of the most defining plays of the 20th Century.

"Six characters wander into a rehearsal and ask the director to help them finish their story. Farcically absurd and tragically poignant, Pirandello’s ‘comedy in the making’ questions the very nature of character and asks do you have to be ‘real’ to have a story?"
- Jess Gardiner (producer)

Playing with the concept of reality, the characters are almost a shadow of the actors, which is mimicked with the hatstand shadow. The Hat stand (my hatstand actually) features prominently in the play, improvising many set pieces such as a fountain or tree.

The promotion consists of a A6 flyer and an A3 poster. The group liked them so much they got another 50 printed for personal use and i'm currently being asked to produce T-shirts for the cast and crew.

Currently I work for Walton Design, a clothing company, on freelance basis as their promotional graphic designer. I work from home correspond via email and phone. My briefs include posters and flyer's for their latest promotional campaigns as well as in store point of sale information and gift vouchers. My responsibilities included making the work print ready and specifying stock and ink. I have to meet very tight deadlines given the nature of the fashion and retail industries, so often I’m working very long hours. I work on occasion with a Birmingham based illustrator, who I also correspond with via email and phone. My current project for them is a seasonal catalogue and email/web 2.0 based promotions, as well as coming up with ideas for promotions alongside their marketing department.

The top three images were illustrated with collaboration by Cherie nute

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