Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Promotional pack for Grow Creative

I've been sending off Portfolios left right and centre looking for work, the pack i send consists of a handmade Portfolio, a showreel , CV and a business card, all wrapped up in a recyclable envelope.

As an example here's the portfolio i sent to
Grow Creative, as design studio in Watford.


The full pack

I'm based here now so I've changed my Business cards to reflect this.

This is my A6 portfolio, is only ever 16 pages or so with an image per page, but each portfolio is tailored to the studio or job I'm applying too, so i have a library of pages that fit the format in a modular way.

Grow was THE studio i wanted to work for in Watford, I felt that I'd fit into the small studio and have the opportunity to learn and give input on a level that a larger studio might not give me. As a result I prepared something a little special to get my foot in the door.

To go with my Normal 'Rizla' Business cards i made a little match-book version, but instead of matches each stick was a piece of card that had seeds glued onto the end which could be quite literally grown if planted in soil.

It seemed to pay off, I'm currently working a couple of days a week for grow on a freelance basis which is proving to be really fun. They're a great bunch of guys and i agree with their work ethics and i hope to continue working with them for some time - Thanks guys!

tj -x-